What our customers are saying...

thumb2 "The Door Boss saved us! When a hard drive failure that took out our main computer, all we had to do was move to another machine and continue with business. This was NOT the story with our accounting software, which was also installed on the ailing computer. After a three day wait to get the computer back, we had to install the software, get and apply numerous upgrades and patches and finally restore our data from a backup. That added another days delay and took a full day of my time. "

Sarah Shantz, MHS Corp.


thumb2 "The Door Boss, is a program that I could not do without, in getting professional shop drawings and hardware schedules out to the customers, in a fraction of the time."

Mike Dylke, Haws Door and Hardware


thumb2 "I can't believe that I have finished this project already. It would have taken me hours the old way. The best part is that from here, supplying it will be a breeze too"

Mitch Karschti, Atlantic Commercial Door and Frame Ltd.


thumb2 "The speed at which I can process business and the professionalism of the documents have had a positive impact on my image, my customer service and my bottom line. The support has been excellent and I can strongly recommend the system."

Dan Boyd, ACDF Ltd.

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