Innovation: AUTOMATED shop drawings!

As you detail a quote you normally enter dimensional information and elevation type for each opening.




The DoorBoss applies this information to the appropriate elevation model in our system CAD data library.




The output is a CAD FULLY DIMENSIONED DRAWING that is automatically inserted into your shop drawing.



Stop drawing - let the DoorBoss do it for you!

Feedback tells us that traditional shop and elevation drawing software takes far too much time to use. We also heard that most jobs were composed of fairly standard elevations. Couple these facts with the perpetual time crunch, deadlines and resource issues and we have an area that needed fresh thinking! After investigating many "drawing tools" we decided the best route was to simply eliminate the need. The over 100 most common door, frame and screen elevations in our system library represent the vast majority of all shop drawing needs.

What about the odd elevation that's not in the system library?

Realizing that you do encounter non-standard/custom elevations, we have developed five solutions to save you time and effort. Depending on what you have to work with, from CAD to "napkin drawings", the DoorBoss can accommodate your needs in an easy and seamless manner:

  1. Upload your own CAD drawing with three mouse clicks.
  2. Use our supplied Simplified CAD software to draw and then upload.
  3. Use our supplied screen capture software to grab an image and upload.
  4. Scan with your own scanner and upload.
  5. Print extra blank pages in the shop drawing and draw/photocopy.