A complete Door and Hardware solution


  • build detailed quote on an opening by opening basis
  • rapid search and shortcut functions for adding hardware
  • customer defined "item groups" speed job detailing
  • provision to add non-standard/one off items
  • advanced cloning functions to reduce time
  • advanced wizards simplify door and frame pricing


Shop drawings:

  • automated elevation drawing
  • large built in catalog of standard elevations
  • CAD drawing tool supplied for non-standard elevations
  • can upload user's CAD, screen captured or scanned drawings



  • produce quotation
  • hardware list with catalog cuts
  • shop drawings with dimensioned elevations
  • fax or email direct from the system
  • determine if pricing has changed before approval
  • function to realign changed prices and re-quote


Job pricing:

  • modify markups by product category
  • override cost and markup for specific items
  • capture freight allowance
  • price supply and install vs supply only jobs
  • calculate job cost and profit


Change orders:

  • quote CCN's
  • rapidly apply proposed changes to existing jobs
  • comprehensive CCN pricing functions
  • approve CCN and apply to job
  • track change history for all job items by the opening
  • support unlimited number of change orders per job


Job management:

  • quote approval process
  • fabrication orders
  • group products into multiple delivery issues
  • shipping bills
  • invoices
  • dashboard function to manage all active jobs


Rapid quotation:

  • simplified process for low probability jobs
  • price in bulk and detail later if job awarded
  • direct faxing from within the system


Pricing and procurement:

  • user maintained price books save time and money
  • functions to rapidly update prices and supplier discount/surcharge
  • produce RFQ's and Purchase Orders
  • receiving function for Purchase Orders


Customer management:

  • detailed customer information including default markups and taxation
  • direct emailing from within the system


Counter orders:

  • process counter orders for all products and/or custom orders


Division 10:

  • Washroom Accessories, Toilet Partitions and Lockers
  • fully integrated into all processes from quotation to invoice
  • supports catalog cuts for Div 10


Employee access and security:

  • two level access - Administrator and Employee
  • employee restricted to job related functions only
  • system locks out after 5 failed login attempts
  • system has advanced security to prevent unauthorized access
  • all system activity is logged
  • function to download all data to spreadsheets as an additional safeguard


Training and documentation:

  • comprehensive User Guide
  • quick start guide
  • catalog of built-in elevations
  • "how to" videos covering all aspects of the system



  • contact us directly from within the system - no need to phone
  • system errors automatically reported and support staff paged
  • fast and individual service when you need it most