Answers to common DoorBoss questions

What about equipment costs?
All you require is the most basic computer with Internet connection.


What about security?
Security is far superior than virtually any distributor’s in house computer. Your vital company data resides in a professionally managed facility. While security is up to very a high standard we offer the added peace of mind of back-ups on demand, by you, to your computer, in a functional spreadsheet format.


How will this work with our branch office(s)?
The DoorBoss offers many possibilities for centralizing and de-centralizing of various functions. Contact a representative to discuss the possibilities..


What about system upgrades?
Upgrades are a thing of the past and installed automatically, by us on the system. ALl you have to do is simply use the system.


What if I want to take a job file home to work on it?
You can access the full system from anywhere you ave a computer with an Internet connection. 


Will my take-offs take longer?
We have developed a rapid entry take-off system that is totally mouse driven and is faster than manual methods. Standard door applications can be entered at speeds most estimators only dream of. Remember, we only want you to input the information once from take-off to invoice.


How does the system handle change orders?
The DoorBoss first provides the current status of products affected by the change. Considerations such as: product previously shipped, on hand or on order, allow you to accurately price these types of changes, based on current schedule information. The system defaults to original pricing for credits and extras but allows you to manually adjust pricing to compensate for the cost of processing changes. Quotations are faxed, emailed and printed right from your computer and then approved upon acceptance. Once approved the change becomes part of the job both physically and financially. Naturally a complete historical record of changes is kept for easy reference.


Who is your target customer?
Our target customer is a door and hardware distributor who is currently using a manual system to manage operations or is not happy with their current system. They have considered the advantages of a dedicated software package but have not proceeded due to the huge initial outlay of cash. Our target customer also fears the learning curve associated with the systems currently available, and has heard the implementation horror stories of other firms.